As a SaaS-enabled cybersecurity company, we are always on the threat hunt and innovation trail. We thrive on delivering increasingly more value to our customers and elevating their Alert Logic experience. As Albert Einstein once wisely implored:

“You can’t solve a problem on the same level that it was created. You have to rise above it to the next level.”

This, too, is the mantra cybersecurity leaders like Alert Logic must take to tackle the escalating challenge of cyber threats.

We are compelled to continuously innovate and evolve at every opportunity, starting with our SaaS platform and the intelligence and actionability our experts deliver to each customer. It includes recent innovations we are making in our employee experience, learning from the challenges of 2020. Innovation is also inclusive of how we tell the Alert Logic story to the world. We are a brand that embraces our position as a thought leader; patient and always ready, continuously expanding our knowledge so we can share our gained wisdom with others.

Most of our communications are about sharing insights or explaining clever new ways to protect our customers. Today, we are excited to unveil a new visual identity for Alert Logic, including a refreshed Alert Logic logo and an enhanced website to better serve those seeking information about how managed detection and response (MDR) can deliver their desired security outcomes.



Delivering unrivaled security value

Since our doors first opened in 2002, our drive has never changed. Just as it was 18 years ago, you will overhear the passionate refrain of Customer Obsession and Security Outcomes woven into most every conversation we have. From my experience, these words are just a slogan if they only live in your employee manual; they become your DNA when they are lived everyday by everyone.

The inspiration for our brand’s new visual design style and the specific words we have chosen to tell the Alert Logic story come from this deeply rooted DNA. Words like “outcomes,” “relentless,” and “accountable” were adopted as they embody and live up to our actions.

Visually, this brand evolution emphasizes the Alert Logic logo circle – a seamless, protective shield. We bring to center what matters most – securing your organization. Our focus is on you, delivering outcome-based security so you can address your most pressing business priorities. Our new visual elements were designed to inspire confidence, clarity, and ownership.

As you explore the new website, you’ll see we’ve added new information about our MDR solution, educational content, and videos, all reflecting our new visual identity and commitment to be a source of objective information in the complex cybersecurity world.

I hope our continuing story and commitment to our customers’ success speaks to you as it does us. For a closer look at how we bring our strength to bear against cyber bad guys, have a look at this brief 6-minute demo video .


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