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Moving servers, applications and data to the cloud provides an organization like Rent-A-Center with a variety of financial and operational advantages. The cloud also introduces unique cyber security concerns that have to be addressed. When Rent-A-Center moved its IT platform to Amazon Web Services (AWS), it selected Alert Logic from the AWS Marketplace to provide security and peace of mind in the cloud.

With over 3,000 stores spread across the United States, Rent-A-Center has to be able to manage and maintain IT and point-of-sale systems efficiently. Moving to the cloud enabled the company to handle IT at a national level with a relatively small internal IT team, and gave them the freedom to scale as the company continues to expand.

“Using AWS, we were able to get out of the business of maintaining our own data centers,” explains Gary Sprague, senior information security manager for Rent-A-Center. “We no longer have to worry about keeping networking up to date, managing power and cooling systems, and ensuring disaster recovery and business continuity.”

Sprague also stressed, however, that cloud security is a primary concern for Rent-A-Center. “We’re a PCI-DSS Level 1 merchant, meaning we process more than 6 million card transactions per year. If we have a security incident, it could put us in the news—and not in a good way.”

That’s where Alert Logic comes in. A cloud service provider like AWS takes many of the traditional IT functions off of a company’s plate, but security is ultimately still your responsibility. You still have to take steps to protect the assets you have in the cloud, guard sensitive data from unauthorized access and protect web applications against cyber threats.

Alert Logic provides a cloud-native security technology that addresses those needs. Alert Logic security-as-a-service provides complete cloud security visibility and fulfills compliance requirements as well. Alert Logic integrates 24×365 threat monitoring conducted by security experts in our SOC (security operations center) with cloud security tools and technologies to protect your data at multiple layers of the application stack. The result is actionable threat detection and security intelligence that gives customers peace of mind and enables an organization like Rent-A-Center to protect critical business data and applications in an AWS environment.

Sprague says that using Alert Logic through the AWS Marketplace provides Rent-A-Center with cost-effective protection around the clock—the equivalent of six full-time employees. Those resources can now be used more effectively to create better services and experiences and find innovative ways to build the business.

Sprague summed up, ”Using AWS, the AWS Marketplace, and Alert Logic gives us the efficiency and agility to help us maintain our competitive advantage and deliver the best customer and employee experiences possible.” 

Tony Bradley
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Tony Bradley
Tony Bradley worked in the trenches as a network administrator and security consultant before shifting to the marketing and writing side of things. He is an 11-time Microsoft MVP in security and cloud and has been a CISSP-ISSAP since 2002. Tony has authored or co-authored a dozen books on IT and IT security topics, and is a prolific contributor to online media sites such as Forbes and He has established a reputation for effective content marketing, and building and engaging a community and social media audience.

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