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Achieving IT Security and Compliance in Your 2nd Watch Environment

2nd Watch is one of the most accredited and focused Managed Cloud providers, offering customers trusted experts and proven results in the public cloud. Their Managed Cloud services are tested, trusted, and proven by some of the most successful enterprises moving to the public cloud today. Through Alert Logic’s intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning, log management, and web application firewall solutions, 2nd Watch is able to meet their customer’s demands in ensuring the highest levels of security.


2nd Watch Solutions Advisor at Alert Logic

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Beyond Compliance: Building a Strong Cloud Security Foundation

Capabilities: Security Monitoring Made Simple

Alert Logic delivers complete security awareness and security analysis of your 2nd Watch environment with recognized 24×7 support and monitoring. Capabilities Include:

  • Web Security Manager delivers inline protection of web applications from dangerous cyber threats such as SQL Injection and Cross Site Scripting, along with full coverage of OWASP Top Ten attacks. Using a combination of both positive and negative security models, Web Security Manager blocks malicious traffic while allowing legitimate traffic to pass unaffected. Designed and built for Amazon Web Services, Web Security Manager Auto Scales with protected cloud instances.
  • Threat Manager is a network intrusion detection system (IDS) solution for Amazon EC2, providing 24×7 monitoring of threats that could compromise data or impact system availability.
  • Log Manager delivers security monitoring of log data by collecting, parsing, analyzing, and archiving data.




Chief Information Security Officer, SCOR Velogica

“The expertise we now have at the ready is phenomenal. We have comprehensive security for our business critical application in AWS and dedicated Alert Logic analysts to advise us on how to remediate and bolster our security even further to continuously thwart attacks. The Alert Logic component was easy, since it’s seamless in our AWS environment. We know as we scale, they’ve got us covered.”

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