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Achieving It Security and Compliance in Your Cloudhealth Environment

CloudHealth Technologies is a leader and pioneer in IT Service Management (ITSM) for the cloud. By combining enterprise requirements, best practices, and cloud technology, CloudHealth has developed a cloud analytics platform that enables customers to see, evaluate, and manage entire cloud ecosystems.

Together, Alert Logic and CloudHealth can protect your sensitive data by identifying suspicious activity, obtaining context around security incidents and vulnerabilities, and providing incident validation and remediation steps, so you can successfully address the challenges associated with the evolving threat landscape.


CloudHealth Solutions Advisor at Alert Logic

Cloudhealth Alertlogic Partnership

Key Integration Benefits

Alert Logic and CloudHealth offer a unique approach to managing and securing your cloud infrastructure:

  • Integrated Console: A single platform gives you a unified view of both your ITSM and ongoing security posture.
  • Fully Managed Solution: A 24×7 security operations center enables continuous security and health monitoring.
  • Security Analytics: Data analysis and up-to-date security content provide improved context and perspective to identify risks.
  • Low Cost of Ownership: Complimentary subscription-based business models and cloud-native SaaS deployments are available, reducing any upfront investments.

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