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Achieve IT Security and Compliance in Your Core BTS Environment

Core BTS is dedicated to creating, providing, and supporting innovative technology solutions. Offering business technology solutions to a wide variety of industries, Core BTS helps companies like yours achieve goals, streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance bottom lines. 

The Core BTS story is one of convergence—bringing together the right people and organizations to build a leading provider of business technology solutions. Through a partnership with Alert Logic, Core BTS guarantees access to the best security solutions available for your IT environment. 


Core BTS Solutions Advisor at Alert Logic

Alert Logic & Core BTS Partnership

Core BTS Alert Logic partnership

Capabilities: Security Monitoring Made Simple

Alert Logic and Core BTS combine their services to deliver complete security awareness and analysis of your environment, along with 24×7 monitoring and support. Capabilities include:

  • Network Threat Detection: Uncover malicious activity and policy violations with an intrusion detection solution that monitors and analyzes internal and external network traffic.
  • Vulnerability Management: Scan your environment for vulnerabilities.
  • Log Management: Aggregate logs from across the application stack, with daily log reviews to gain additional insight into attacks or security events and meet compliance standards.
  • Security Analytics: Identify incidents through collecting, correlating, and analyzing all data against the latest security content.

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