Who is Aptum?

Aptum is a hybrid managed services provider (MSP) – providing data center, cloud, hosting, and connectivity solutions underpinned with expert managed services and professional services. With more than 20 years in the industry, Aptum has grown its business to an impressive base of clients across virtually every industry and with an international reach spanning North America, Latin America, and Europe.

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Years of Partnership with Alert Logic

What cybersecurity challenges did they experience?

When Aptum partnered with Alert Logic more than ten years ago, they were seeking a proactively monitored, comprehensive security platform to offer their customers. At that time, the company’s security offering included a combination of basic solutions such as firewalls, load-balancers, and other Intrusion detection systems/Intrusion prevention systems products. They recognized these point products did not provide the answer to the growing security threats their customers were facing. They needed the “human factor” – real human experts that could interpret the security information coming in, pinpoint true threats, and provide recommendations on how to address issues quickly.
Craig Tavares

Craig Tavares

Global Head of Cloud, Aptum

“Our business has evolved over the past ten years into a hybrid, managed services provider. Today, our customers’ data resides in multiple places: cloud, on-prem, third-party data centers, and multi-cloud. Therefore, the security challenges we face have also changed. Now we talk about ’threat landscapes’ and ‘expanding attack surfaces.’ With Alert Logic as a partner, we have been able to evolve our security offering to meet these new security challenges for our customers.”

Tom Adams

Tom Adams

Marketing Director, Aptum

“Aptum has a tight integration with Alert Logic. The team at Alert Logic is critically important to our business. From the operations team, to the sales engineering team, the SOC experts, to the technical folks at all levels – they all play an important role at Aptum. It’s the people behind the technology that have made all of the difference in our long-term partnership with Alert Logic.”

What benefits has Aptum realized?

Leveraging Alert Logic, Aptum is able to provide flexible, comprehensive security solutions for customers while also solving problems faster and more cost-effectively. Aptum has been a long-time consumer of Alert Logic in data center and private cloud environments — and now in public cloud environments. As Alert Logic evolved into a Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solutions provider, Aptum has benefitted greatly. Because of Alert Logic’s progressive roadmap and the level of development that Alert Logic has maintained over the partnership, Aptum has been able to grow and evolve their security offering to keep pace with market changes and needs.

How does Alert Logic help Aptum get results?

Aptum has realized strong results from a partnership with Alert Logic in these key areas:
  • PCI compliance: Aptum provides PCI compliance solutions to customers using Alert Logic. This has enabled Aptum to build a strong reputation around PCI compliance and has led to additional business opportunities with existing and new clients.
  • Cloud security: Aptum is proactively using Alert Logic to secure customers’ Microsoft Azure deployments. They will soon add AWS security from Alert Logic to their portfolio.
  • Security assessment tools: Aptum has been able to leverage the security assessment tools that Alert Logic provides to create demand with customers and enhance visibility around the Aptum/Alert Logic solution offering.
  • Security baselining: Alert Logic helps Aptum establish a baseline security level for customers – enabling Aptum to quickly determine where to focus initial efforts and to track success over time – even as a customer’s environment changes or evolves.
  • Single reporting engine: With Alert Logic, Aptum can create a single reporting engine that works across all different platforms. So, whether their customers’ workloads or applications are in a public cloud or in a data center, threat detection information is aggregated into one interface, providing a common view for all platforms.
  • Flexible security solutions: With Alert Logic Managed Detection & Response solutions, Aptum can adjust the level of security they provide, helping to ensure that customers are protected to minimize risk. For example, many customers have different IT or security maturity levels. Some just need some basic security reporting, others have zero security personnel and need a more holistic security approach. Alert Logic enables Aptum to handle both scenarios with ease.

“We like to tell our customers – we `help you put the right data in the right place for the right reasons, then we can help you manage that hybrid environment.’ With Alert Logic, we can also secure and protect that data and environment – wherever it may reside — using one powerful set of services and products.”

Craig Tavares

Global Head of Cloud, Aptum

How does Alert Logic help Aptum elevate the security conversation?

Aptum uses their partnership with Alert Logic to take security conversations with customers to a whole new level. Aptum helps customers see beyond security tools by challenging them with questions that get to the heart of their security issues such as:

  • How do you determine if there has been a potential break-in in your environment?
  • What happens when a security breach occurs?
  • How do you pinpoint minor changes that could signify more major issues?

This discussion helps customers realize the value of a dedicated team of experts, watching their environment 24/7, that can find issues and respond very quickly with expert advice.

“Our partnership with Alert Logic is foundational to our business. Our partnership effects how we react to certain challenges and how we quantify success. We have strong alignment with internal teams including marketing, product strategy, and engineering. Our sales teams work in lockstep with Alert Logic to deliver the smartest solutions to our customers built for their specific needs. Working together, Alert Logic and Aptum demand the best from each other — ensuring an industry-leading solution offering that resonates with the market and delivers.”

Craig Tavares

Global Head of Cloud, Aptum

Partner with Alert Logic

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