Alert Logic provides security-as-a-service, monitoring and visibility across both our AWS and production environments, protecting us against casual and serious attackers, so that our small team can focus on the business growth, new products, development and customer experience and not worry about whether we are dealing with security.

Brett King, Head of Service Delivery

Funky Pigeon is an e-commerce retailer that sells personalized gifts from mugs to tote bags, cards, and more. The company has over 3 million daily active customers and a continuous thirty percent year-over-year growth. With such continuous growth and seasonal sales spikes during the year, Brett King, Head of Service Delivery at Funky Pigeon, recognized the importance of the cloud as “the way forward,” adding that their applications scale between six to ten weeks per year.

The Challenge

King realized the need for security at the extra layers beyond their cloud infrastructure services. Not only did he need a solution that scaled during the seasonal sales trends, but also needed to maintain PCI DSS compliance as well as adhering to internal auditing requirements. To cover these areas, the team had two options. The first option was to develop an in-house SOC, which required additional infrastructure, dedicated security experts, and a process to maintain 24×7 coverage. The other option was to outsource their security as a third-party service but needed to ensure the proper service levels were being met.

Alert Logic enabled us to put all of our logs into one place for both the AWS environment and the production environment.

Brett King, Head of Service Delivery

Why Alert Logic?

King saw the potential in partnering with Alert Logic to handle their security needs. Alert Logic provided the proper security solutions to meet the speed and growth demands without slowing down their development. It also provided a holistic security view into their dynamic environment. King added, “it enables us to put all of logs into one place for both the AWS environment and the production environment.”

The Results

Working with Alert Logic allows King to provide reassurance to the board that they are secure and when attacks occur, his team is equipped with a comprehensive response plan. King now has a way to look at the entire security picture “from end to end rather than little bits in isolation.” Because he has a small team, Alert Logic enables them to focus on business growth, new products, ongoing development, and improving the website. 

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