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In this blog, Alert Logic provides commentary on topics that are related to our technologies, such as log management, threat management, and IT compliance management.

Cloud Security Lands in Seattle

With the high concentration of cloud and technology companies, Seattle is a natural fit for Alert Logic’s sixth office, which houses members of our engineering, sales, business development, …

February 25, 2015 //

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ISEO and Implications for Proactive Cybersecurity

On Friday at the White House Summit on Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection, President Barack Obama signed an Information Sharing Executive Order to promote cybersecurity information sharing in the …

February 19, 2015 //

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Now introducing Zero Day magazine

Today, we released the inaugural issue of Zero Day, a quarterly digital publication that provides IT security professionals with a broader view of the current state of IT …

February 03, 2015 //

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A critical bug “Ghost” allows for code execution, affecting Linux systems

On January 27th, Qualys discovered an interesting bug in the _nss_hostname_digits_dots( ) function of the GNU C Library which resulted in a buffer overflow. The GNU C Library …

January 29, 2015 //

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New Adobe Flash Zero-Day found by security researcher

A French Security Researcher known as Kafeine found a Zero-Day in Adobe’s flash player that is spread through the Angler exploit kit.  This exploit is being used in tandem with …

January 23, 2015 //

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