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In this blog, Alert Logic provides commentary on topics that are related to our technologies, such as log management, threat management, and IT compliance management.

Three Takeaways from Rackspace Solve Chicago

RAXPhoto1A few of us from Alert Logic made the trip from Houston to Chicago earlier this week for Rackspace::Solve, a full-day event hosted by Rackspace in which customers, partners, analysts and Rackers discussed solutions for interesting technology and business challenges. Others at Alert Logic attended previous Rackspace events in San …

October 23, 2014 //

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European Security Operations Centre (SOC) Grand Opening in Cardiff, UK


Today, Alert Logic is pleased to announce the official opening of its state-of-the-art Security Operations Centre (SOC) in Cardiff, Wales, serving as a complement to the September announcement of the UK datacenter opening in Newport, Wales.

Since we started delivering Security-as-a-Service solutions in 2002, we have grown to serve more …

October 22, 2014 //

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POODLE – The man-in-the-middle attack on SSLv3

First it was Heartbleed, then Shellshock, now POODLE…while the names are intriguing, the focus of these security vulnerabilities is on how broad the exposure is, what is required to build the right protection, and how long the exposure may have been exploited for.

What is it?
POODLE (Padding Oracle On …

October 16, 2014 //

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Shellshock Retrospective: What We Can Learn

By now most organizations have started to recover from the fire drill of their incident response process that the shellshock vulnerability caused. Servers are patched, applications are upgraded, and security technologies have been updated to look for attacks meant to exploit the vulnerability in the GNU BASH (Bourne Again Shell) …

October 14, 2014 //

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SHELLSHOCK UPDATE: Additional Bash Vulnerabilities Identified

There has been a lot of confusion about CVE’s and ShellShock. Questions have come up like why so many different CVE’s? Which one should I implement? So we decided to put together a little information. Fist of all, to understand the bugs you first need to understand what a CVE …

October 03, 2014 //

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