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In this blog, Alert Logic provides commentary on topics that are related to our technologies, such as log management, threat management, and IT compliance management.

How MSSP’s Utilize Open Source Intelligence

Below is a review of a recent webinar of a presentation examining four ways Alert Logic leverages open source intelligence (OSINT) to improve the security of their clients. 1. …

July 23, 2014 //

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Hybrid Datacenter Security Webinar Recap – Application Stack Differences

Last month, we had the pleasure of hosting a webinar on Hybrid Datacenter Security with friends from Rook Consulting and Microsoft Azure. One topic that we spent a …

July 22, 2014 //

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Exploit Monday – A few Interesting ones to be aware of

This weekly report is to discuss some of the more interesting vulnerabilities that have been found and to make sure that you patch appropriately.  If there is not a …

July 21, 2014 //

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De-Mystifying Big Data

Big Data has become one of the most overused and misunderstood terms in the IT lexicon. Many a marketer has used big data to represent anything from social …

July 18, 2014 //

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Throwback Thursday – Last Weeks Interesting Breaches in Review

The Threat Research team uses multiple sources to identify up-and-coming threats. Each week, we’ll share some of these with you. Our goal is to help you understand what’s …

July 17, 2014 //

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