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In this blog, Alert Logic provides commentary on topics that are related to our technologies, such as log management, threat management, and IT compliance management.

Honeynet Stats – June 2015

The Alert Logic ActiveIntelligence group operates a number of proactive initiatives to gather information on the threat landscape, one of which is a baiting operation utilizing our global …

July 31, 2015 //

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Jeep U-Connect Remote Compromise

Researchers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek compromised a 2014 Jeep from miles away using the cellular signal and a vulnerability found in U-Connect, which is an internet-connected dashboard …

July 23, 2015 //

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OpenSSL Patch for High Severity Vulnerability Coming Tomorrow

OpenSSL is a widely used open source software library that provides encrypted Internet connections using SSL/TLS for a majority of websites as well as other secure services.Over the …

July 08, 2015 //

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Team GhostShell Returns with a Massive Release of Hacked Credentials

Team GhostShell has come out of retirement with a bang. In 2013, the group released millions of usernames and password related to all industries and countries. They have …

July 01, 2015 //

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Investigation Underway in Houston Astros Database Hack

Personnel for the St. Louis Cardinals, an American Major League Baseball (MLB) franchise, are currently under investigation by the FBI, accused of hacking into the internal network of …

June 17, 2015 //

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