The arms race between cybersecurity and cyber attacks is nothing new. Organizations have always tried to stay one step ahead of malicious agents looking to access and sabotage their company network. However, the threat landscape changed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many organizations were forced to expand their digital systems without adequate planning and preparation, leading to a meteoric rise in attack vectors. Companies are placed in a difficult situation where they must adapt to a new professional landscape, while simultaneously having to devote more time to building an effective cybersecurity strategy. Meanwhile, the nature of cyber attacks is constantly changing. As a result, organizations pull time and resources away from other initiatives and focus on their security goals.

The truth is businesses don’t need to spend more time on cybersecurity. They need a solution they’re confident will protect the company’s network and digital assets. But how do you build a cybersecurity system you can trust?

The Challenge of Doing It Yourself

Are you thinking of managing your own cybersecurity? Many organizations like the idea of customizing their cybersecurity strategy, so they choose a best-of-breed point solution for each element of their cybersecurity infrastructure. While this approach often gives companies the chance to pick the newest specialized tools on the market, integrating solutions from different vendors can be a difficult, time-consuming process. There’s also the chance that your best-of-breed tools won’t work together, which could have a detrimental impact on the effectiveness of your security strategy.

In addition, the top cybersecurity threats are constantly evolving. As technology changes, new vulnerabilities emerge. Malicious parties can exploit these vulnerabilities to access confidential information and harm your business. Staying protected against this requires maintaining a threat intelligence function that keeps up with the pace of the ever-changing cyberthreat environment. You need a cybersecurity solution that evolves to detect and respond to threats, while offering your organization around-the-clock protection. Because cyber attacks don’t keep business hours, neither should your security infrastructure.

Unfortunately, you’re not always going to get that level of protection when you deploy multiple best-of-breed point solutions. Which is why more organizations are turning to managed detection and response (MDR) services.

What’s the Role of MDR?

The purpose of MDR is to keep your digital assets protected by detecting and eliminating malware and malicious activity on your organization’s network. What makes MDR different than other preventative cybersecurity solutions is that you’re partnered with a team of industry experts that have the tools and expertise needed to safeguard your network against actual threats.

With MDR, you can reduce the likelihood or impact of successful attacks through:

  • Continuous monitoring: Expert security monitoring keeps a watchful eye over your network every second of the day
  • Scalable services: An effective MDR platform grows alongside your organization, providing you comprehensive coverage that stays aligned with your cybersecurity requirements
  • Expert guidance: Your MDR solution should have a team of security professionals watching over your network, as well as a point of contact to address your company’s unique needs

According to a Ponemon study, it took organizations an average of six months to identify data breaches. By that time, the damage had already been done. With MDR, more attacks can be detected right away and eliminated before they have a chance to disrupt your business. That way, your team can focus on delivering their outcomes while your network is protected by 24/7 security monitoring from trusted experts.

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The Value of Trusted Partners

When it comes to cybersecurity, you want a provider you can trust to give you the protection you deserve. WatServ is an IT solutions provider specializing in hybrid and multi-cloud solutions, which means clients benefit from a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that’s more effective (and often less expensive) than multiple best-of-breed tools. WatServ works with Alert Logic—a company that has earned a reputation as one of the most trusted cybersecurity companies in the industry and is the first-ever SaaS-enabled MDR provider—to deliver protection for customers.

Alert Logic’s MDR platform is designed to adapt to an ever-shifting technology landscape. Even as cloud technology continues to evolve, clients’ network, data, and other digital assets stay protected from lurking threats. Alert Logic works diligently to address any gaps in protection and stay a step ahead of attackers with a roadmap for continuous improvement and innovation. WatServ provides many of the core security services for MDR clients, including:

  • Incident response: WatServ intercepts the alerts from the Alert Logic platform and performs the necessary steps to fully remediate the situation
  • Vulnerability management: Acting as your vulnerability management team, WatServ reviews and addresses any network vulnerabilities you may have
  • Security assistance: WatServ’s skilled team of professionals act as an extension of our security officers, engaging with clients during times when we’re unable to resolve incidents. That way, clients always have around-the-clock access to a security officer who can help them with their issues

Stay Focused on Your Business Goals and Objectives

The thought of giving up some control over your company’s cybersecurity isn’t as radical as it sounds. With MDR services, you aren’t handing the keys over to just anybody­––you’re expanding your team to include outside experts who will make sure your security solution never skips a beat.

Ultimately, your goal isn’t to have unparalleled cybersecurity. It’s to have the peace of mind that comes from feeling confident in your protection. Your MDR provider should be the one with the goal of providing great cybersecurity­­. With the partnership between Alert Logic and WatServ, you can get top-notch cloud cybersecurity you can trust. This means you can get back to focusing on what matters­­––your customers.

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