I loved that all the products I needed came from one vendor: no one else had the comprehensive coverage – definitely a one stop shop. I don’t have the time to pursue the learning curve associated with getting familiar with multiple interfaces – with Alert Logic I get it all in one portal

Orion Newman, Vice President, IT

Retail Insights, LLC uses big data to turn the overwhelmingly vast volume of sales analytics data generated by independent pharmaceutical organizations into actionable insights. Collecting information from its network of thousands of suppliers, wholesalers, and operators across the US, Retail Insights, LLC analyzes sales data to provide subscribers with the intelligence needed to elevate business performance.

The Challenge

Retail Insights, LLC offers a subscription-based service to provide clients with access to the trends, patterns, and, inherent intelligence embedded in data. Viability in the business relies on ensuring data integrity, making it imperative that information protection is their primary concern. Although not mandated to do so, the benefits from becoming Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant became increasingly apparent. Orion Newman, Vice President, IT, elaborated, “We don’t actually handle protected health information but we witnessed an increasing number of opportunities where showing that we conform to the appropriate requirements would be a key differentiator for us.

Why Alert Logic?

Newman began his search on the AWS Marketplace, looking at a variety of network vulnerability assessment products and services. He soon realized that he needed something a lot more advanced to achieve the required levels of functionality and performance. Further research lead to Alert Logic’s security and vulnerability solutions.

The Alert Logic portfolio really sold me – it includes all of the elements that are relevant to Retail Insights, LLC – and demonstrated how each solution addressed our specific needs; I didn’t see anything else like it. Vendors talked about cloud coverage but they didn’t have anything near the breadth or depth of the Alert Logic suite.

Orion Newman, Vice President, IT

The Results

Implementing Alert Logic’s solutions showed immediate benefits – the first being the discovery and remediation of an open remote access port, which dramatically lowered the number of breach attempts from 15,000 a day to around 120. Newman and his team can now quickly quantify the overall readiness of their environment and have accurate, timely insight into patch levels and software versions. Newman has a more informed stance when interacting with the development team to ensure that security considerations are always prioritized.

In addition to the security-related benefits, Retail Insights, LLC has seen major cost advantages while investing in Alert Logic’s cybersecurity solutions. Newman confirmed, “I considered hiring a well-credentialed security specialist but I get a much better ‘bang for the buck’ from Alert Logic and also spend a lot less money.

Deploying Alert Logic® solutions enables Retail Insights, LLC to achieve HIPAA compliance and has increased new business opportunities in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector. Newman concluded, “We like to highlight our partnership with Alert Logic as a tangible demonstration of Retail Insights, LLC’s commitment to ensuring data integrity and how we’re using cutting-edge technologies to prove that we’re doing everything we possibly can to secure our data.

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