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MDR for SaaS Providers


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The Software as a Service (SaaS) market is hypercompetitive; business and consumer customers have a wide range of choice for SaaS-delivered solutions for all requirements.

Trust is at the core of the SaaS model. As a SaaS provider, are you confident that potential customers can trust you with their data? Demonstrating how you secure your SaaS solution helps deliver trust and is critical for when you bring your offer to market. Fortra’s Alert Logic Managed Detection and Response (MDR) allows you to focus on your business through a cost-effective, advanced, and quick-to-deploy security solution, delivering significant business benefits and maximizing revenue.

Accelerate Your Time to Market

Research shows as many as 88% of organizations are currently engaged in, or plan to adopt, cloud and SaaS solutions. This applies across all industries.

Getting to market with a stable and secure solution as quickly as possible can make all the difference, so choosing the right security solution is critical. Any technology solution that relies on your in-house staff to configure and tune can take several months to get up and running and requires ongoing management that drains resources from business-critical projects.

Alert Logic solutions can deploy in any major public cloud platforms as well as in traditional architectures. With seamless integration into your delivery pipeline and our managed onboarding, your team’s security value delivers from day one.

With Fortra’s Alert Logic MDR Professional® you can achieve immediate visibility of your systems combined with continuous assessment of vulnerabilities and configuration problems to deliver assurances that your solution is fit for purpose. MDR Professional protects your business-critical assets with 24/7 threat detection and incident management with a 15-minute triage SLA, MDR concierge support, vulnerability scanning, asset visibility, and endpoint detection.

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“With Alert Logic, we save time by only having to deal with the curated security issues that Alert Logic throws our way. My team can focus on what’s most important to our business … delivering the best product possible, as fast as possible.”
Iain Clarke

CISO, All of Us Financial

Achieve Scalability for Sustained Growth

As a SaaS provider, you’re at the forefront of digital transformation. The solution you deliver to your customer will advance rapidly and new components introduced regularly. In security, change introduces risk into a system. To mitigate that risk, visibility of exposure and monitoring of systems needs to be adaptable and ready to go. Alert Logic manages the security detection content and tuning for our customers, analyzing network traffic and more than 140 billion log messages daily, providing coverage across your entire attack surface.

With Fortra’s Alert Logic MDR Enterprise®, you receive all the benefits of Alert Logic MDR Professional plus a designated security expert for more individualized protection, delivering tailored reporting and consultation, threat hunting, and proactive tuning and sensor optimization.

“The Alert Logic people perform as if they are an extension of my internal staff, but I gain the efficiencies associated with outsourced services. Also, using Alert Logic’s managed threat defense solution in conjunction with our other security measures helped us to demonstrate compliance with the PCI Data Security Standard and pass the audit.”
Wyman Lewis

Director of Information Security, GSI Commerce

Cost-Effective Compliance

The security capabilities of a SaaS provider often are reviewed as part of a customer’s decision-making process, making robust security and adherence to trusted compliance standards — such as SOC 2, PCI DSS, or HIPAA — a key buying criteria, and an opportunity to differentiate from competitors.

Alert Logic MDR can help you achieve compliance across multiple requirements and improve your audit preparation. We are a PCI-approved scan vendor and provide PCI ASV program support within a framework that allows you to choose the most appropriate level of protection for each of your assets, ensuring you have the right coverage and achieve the desired security outcome, at the best possible cost for your business.

Learn more about Alert Logic MDR for compliance.

Operational Efficiency

More efficient operations is a key benefit your customers gain from your SaaS solution. A reduction in infrastructure and point solutions brings an increase in IT resource efficiency and reduced costs overall.

By using a SaaS-delivered security solution, your business can benefit in the same way improved productivity for IT, legal, compliance, and business teams can mean dramatically improved operational efficiency.

Alert Logic has been delivering threat detection and other security services since 2002. Today, more than 4,000 organizations are using our MDR solution. Our experience means that our technology and processes are integrated seamlessly, enabling us to smoothly deliver our services to customers.

Competitive Advantage

The ability to provide a potential or existing customer with detailed evidence that your organization has robust security controls. This allows you to focus on your ability to deliver and can be the deciding factor in winning new business and retaining customers when it’s time to renew their subscription.

Fortra’s Alert Logic MDR combines purpose-built technology with a team of security experts to provide a cost-effective, advanced, and quick-to-deploy security solution. We provide best-in-class capabilities to put your customers at ease without the need for significant investment in tools or resources, helping you to create and optimize revenue.


Combat your risk of exposure to threats and protect your endpoints.

Hybrid Asset Discovery

Vulnerability Scanning

Cloud Configuration Checks

Endpoint Detection & Response

PCI DSS and ASV Program Support



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Comprehensive 24/7 security visibility, protection, and reporting.

24/7 Threat Management

15-minute Escalation SLA

Network Monitoring

Log Management & Monitoring

Cloud Change Monitoring

User Behavior Monitoring



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Threat hunting, individualized protection and customized response.

Assigned Security Expert

Threat Hunting

Proactive Tuning & Optimization

Weekly Review

Extended Security Investigations

Security Posture Review



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