Alert Logic MDR Essentials

Combat Your Risk of Exposure and Protect Your Vulnerable Assets

Fortra’s Alert Logic MDR Essentials provides 24/7 hybrid visibility and vulnerability scanning, audit-ready reporting, and EDR.


Risk Management

Alert Logic provides complete compliance solutions that give customers peace of mind and deliver on best practices for various compliance requirements.

With Alert Logic MDR Essentials, you can access real-time information on risk, vulnerabilities, remediation activities, configuration exposures, and compliance status. Focus on a prioritized order of activities that need further action, drill down into threats to mitigate exposure, and provide clear indicators of improvements and risk to executive leadership.

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We integrate software, analytics, and expert security services to seamlessly implement a broad range of Payment Card Industry (PCI) security controls across all environments.
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Get the GDPR security capabilities you need with an integrated suite of security controls combined with 24/7 managed detection and response services.
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We provide the most advanced solution to secure healthcare networks and help organizations achieve HIPAA compliance, HITECH, and Meaningful Use mandates.


Meeting the NIST 800-171 guidelines can be complex and expensive for companies with limited staff and security expertise.


SaaS companies that meet SOC 2 requirements can enjoy an improved security posture and better service performance. But, meeting SOC 2 requirements can be complex and expensive for companies with limited staff and security expertise.

Hybrid Asset and Risk Discovery

The Alert Logic MDR platform has been built to provide a common view on asset vulnerabilities and configurations on all your environments.  

Through Alert Logic’s dashboards, customers can rapidly see relevant information that allows targeted response and analysis of those things that affect security posture.

In-depth insights into vulnerabilities, attacker behavior, and validated security incidents are just one click away.

Cloud Environment
Comprehensive Coverage


Managed Cybersecurity Solution

Hybrid Cloud

Alert Logic’s MDR platform supports the flexibility of a combined infrastructure with security and compliance across your hybrid cloud environment.


Alert Logic provides data center security and compliance for any environment – including on-premises infrastructure and applications.

Public cloud

Alert Logic’s MDR solution runs in the leading public cloud platforms: AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

Endpoint Detection and Response

Alert Logic’s Endpoint protection thwarts multiple attack techniques that try to compromise your endpoints. Our multi-vector attack monitoring and isolation recognizes these techniques and stops them early before any damage is done.

Alert Logic uses signature-less machine learning to stay ahead of attackers and zero-day attacks, identifying malicious techniques and ransomware in real-time and isolating the payload.

Cloud Environment

Additional Capabilities

24/7 Platform Support

Alert Logic’s support personnel are on hand at any time to help you get the most from the solution.

Hybrid Asset Discovery

Alert Logic continuously gathers information about the quantity, location, and condition of assets across your enterprise in the cloud, on-premises, or in hybrid environments.

Vulnerability Scanning

Alert Logic conducts a continuous exposure assessment and provides prioritized remediation steps based on our own intelligence research and multiple third party sources.

PCI ASV Support

Get help with the intricacies of scanning, and interpretation of our PCI-accredited scan results to help you work through remediation and exception management to achieve compliance easily.

Topology Map

Visualize your systems and their relationship to each other combined with status for vulnerabilities and coverage. Easily prioritize which area of your environment needs focus to improve security posture.

Cloud Configuration Assessment

Integrations with public cloud, network, and application technologies feed the Alert Logic MDR Platform with valuable discovery, change, and configuration data to give a holistic view of your security status.

Endpoint Protection

Cover endpoints whether online or offline, gain deep visibility across endpoints, including low-level system activity, and identify malicious techniques and ransomware in real-time.

Real-time Reporting

Dashboards and reporting provides real-time visualizations of vulnerabilities, configuration issues, and vulnerabilities, including audit-ready reports for PCI DSS Audit and HIPAA.

CIS Benchmarking

Alert Logic conducts a continuous exposure assessment and provides prioritized remediation steps based on our own research and intelligence, third party sources, and industry standards like CIS Benchmarks.

Get to Know

Managed Detection and Response

Compare MDR Subscription Tiers

Each subscription provides different levels of vulnerability and threat management services and capabilities
for your on-premise, public cloud, or hosted data centers.

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