Alert Logic MDR Enterprise

Designated Security Expert for Individualized Protection

Fortra’s Alert Logic MDR Enterprise is a purpose-built solution that protects your highest risk assets all without the expense and hassle of finding and keeping cybersecurity experts on your staff.

Designated Security Expert

With Alert Logic MDR Enterprise, you get access to a veteran security expert in the Alert Logic Security Operations Center (SOC).

Focused on your security and business requirements, your designated security expert works as a member of your team to level up your security maturity.

In depth individualized evaluation, protection  and customized response services enhance the other Alert Logic MDR services for greater insight into data exfiltration and discovery of Advanced Persistent Threats.

To achieve a truly customized experience, they work closely with the analysts in our SOC and your MDR Concierge, to get to know your business and technical environment through weekly reviews and constant communication.

This option extends your existing security team with threat research, exclusive knowledge and research on the latest attacks, all without the expense and hassle of keeping expensive cybersecurity experts, on staff.

Cloud Environment
Cloud Environment

Threat Hunting

Threat hunting is a proactive approach to threat detection that identifies and disrupts cyber threats that target your business. Multiple teams enable Alert Logic to deliver complex threat analysis. Informed by research and intelligence and based on known attack methods, and unusual activity indicators, experts in our security operations centers work to identify persistent threats.

Network telemetry, logs from security devices, applications and systems are all analyzed using custom methods and purpose-built tools to find indicators that for our hunters follow to identify threats.

From there they collect more data to rapidly uncover time-sensitive insights about active threats to reduce dwell time and stop attacks before they start.

Reporting and Consultation

Your assigned security expert performs proactive recurring security reviews to identify incident and threat trends unique to your environment. Tailored reports detail key findings and recommendations, threat trends, and risk analysis.

Weekly meetings with IT and security employees in your organization are utilized to learn, understand and advise on what is critical to your business to help guide and prioritize your operations and delivery programs.

Depending on your needs, you will benefit from periodic on-site training and advice from your security expert, providing valuable insights into projects and strategy to strengthen your security programs.

Cloud Environment
Cloud Environment

Proactive Tuning and Sensor Optimization

Thanks to their intimate knowledge of your organization, systems and security controls, your designated security expert can act as an extension of your team, working in the background to configure, tune, and optimize the Alert Logic technologies and processes based on your unique profile and change programs.

Through continual analysis of threat indicators and behavioral data, we identify false positives and events of no relevance to the customer, which feed into the tuning procedure.


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