Most organizations rely on one or more IT messaging or ticketing platforms to collaborate between teams and manage incidents and requests. Managing multiple tools or platforms and coordinating workflow between them can be challenging. For companies to manage it effectively, tickets and requests should be streamlined and automated as much as possible.

Alert Logic developed Connectors to address this issue. In the video below, Angelica Torres-Corral, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Alert Logic, explains Alert Logic Connectors and why we’re so excited to make this new capability available:

There are a lot of moving pieces involved in managing requests within different platforms. You have to configure notifications, create and assign tickets, and have a system in place to coordinate efforts and follow the incident from start to finish to make sure it is successfully resolved. In many cases, the process is tedious, and manual, and requires IT teams to access and interact with multiple tools.

Customers and partners can now configure the Alert Logic console to send security outcomes directly to their IT Service Management (ITSM) or messaging systems of choice, enabling them to automatically open tickets and streamline service desk workflows.

Connectors uses universal webhooks and email connectors to connect the Alert Logic console to third-party platforms. With Alert Logic Connectors, you can directly send incidents, observables, and report notifications from Alert Logic to your ticketing or messaging system. Connectors has native support for 6 of the most commonly used platforms—ServiceNow, Jira, JSD (Jira Service Desk), Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Pager Duty—complete with pre-populated key fields and payload templates. You can also connect to any third-party system that supports webhooks.

If you’d like to learn more about this and other exciting new capabilities, check out this blog post.

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