Flexibility in Hybrid Cloud Security

Combining infrastructure in your IT environment gives you flexibility; Alert Logic’s MDR platform supports that flexibility with security and compliance across your hybrid cloud environment with:

  • A global view of threat activity for robust, continuous coverage across your infrastructure
  • A dedicated global security research team developing signatures, correlation rules, log parsers, and web application security policies to protect you against the ever-changing threat landscape in any IT environment
  • 24/7 security monitoring unmatched by any other cloud-based solution provider

While the cloud itself is not inherently risky, it’s the area often overlooked from a security perspective that opens organizations up to potential exploitation from cybercriminals.

Today’s cybercriminals use increasingly sophisticated methods to find and infiltrate vulnerable systems. For example, the containers used to host cloud-based servers and databases are susceptible to potential vector attacks, including OS exploits, container breakouts, denial of service, embedded malware, and credential theft that occur when customer-side configurations, access management, and settings aren’t updated on a regular and frequent basis.

Cybercriminals don’t have to work very hard to infiltrate poorly secured cloud systems.

Fortra’s Alert Logic provides a managed solution for cloud security by combining platform, intelligence, and cloud expertise to help organizations protect their cloud, on-premises, or hybrid environment. We are a pioneer in protecting the cloud — we do this by leveraging the security frameworks of cloud providers and giving customers a holistic view of the entire attack surface across hybrid environments.

2-Minute Cloud Security Assessment

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Threat Management

Seamless integration of platform, threat intelligence, and expert services..

Cybersecurity Monitoring

Alert Logic provides the security platform, up-to-date threat intelligence and expert defenders to deliver round-the-clock network security monitoring against threats, attacks, and potential risks to your business.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Our managed WAF is your frontline defense against attacks. Deployment models match your requirements and offer 24/7 monitoring for solid protection against compromises.

Network Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

Our IDS and vulnerability assessment services monitor your network, identify suspicious activity, and provide verified alerts and recommended remediation steps.

Vulnerability Scanning & Assessment

Alert Logic helps you reduce your attack surface by finding vulnerabilities before your adversaries do with cloud native vulnerability and configuration capabilities.

Cloud Vendor Security Integrations

Alert Logic adds additional security context to web application security, network vulnerability scanning, log correlation and reporting to AWS Security Hub and the Azure Event Hubs.

Log Management

Our log management solution collects and normalizes your log data, while our 24/7 expert monitoring and analysis adds human intelligence to find key insights.

Extended Endpoint Protection

Alert Logic intelligently blocks endpoint attacks through a combination of machine-learning and real-time behavior analysis.

AWS User Behavior Anomaly Detection

Using AWS Cloud Trail data, Alert Logic can detect and raise incidents for anomalous user behavior which may impact critical assets in your AWS environment.

AWS Outposts

Leveraging AWS Outposts, run AWS services locally until you’re ready to confidently migrate applications at your own pace, all while maintaining visibility to threats across your entire environment.

Alert Logic Hybrid Cloud Security Solution Benefits

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  • Asset discovery
  • Extended endpoint protection
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Threat monitoring and visibility
  • Intrusion detection
  • Security analytics
  • Log collection and monitoring
  • Always-on WAF defense against web attacks
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  • Threat Risk Index
  • Verified testing 2.1 million + web application attacks
  • Dark web scanning
  • Remediation guidance
  • Attack prevention capabilities
  • Monitoring, log collection and search
  • User behavior anomaly detection
  • Event insights and analysis
  • Threat frequency, severity, and status intelligence
  • Comprehensive vulnerability library
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  • 24/7 SOC with incident management, escalation, and response support
  • PCI scanning and ASV support
  • Service health monitoring
  • Incident response assistance
  • Threat hunting
  • Help with tuning strategies, customized policies, and best practices

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