Businesses of all sizes and across all industries and regions depend on web applications to get things done. Digital transformation and migration to the cloud has fundamentally changed the way companies work, and custom web apps—once reserved for large enterprises with extensive resources and teams of developers—are accessible to companies of virtually any size. The challenge is making sure the web apps are secure.

To combat the inherent vulnerabilities of custom web applications, Alert Logic has fortified its web application threat detection by delivering web log analytics—or WLA. Antonio Sanchez, Product Marketing Manager for Alert Logic, explains the value of WLA and the importance of web application threat detection here:

Web apps often leverage or incorporate modules or snippets of code from open source projects, and typically connect to other systems and applications through APIs. Most custom web apps have a couple dozen vulnerabilities with at least a couple that are critical, and attackers are constantly looking for ways to exploit them to gain access to your network, applications, and data.

As organizations scrambled to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and quickly adapt to dramatic changes to the economy and a completely remote workforce, many web application projects were rushed out. The urgency of staying productive and competitive outweighed the risk of insecure web apps.

Aside from vulnerabilities within web apps, organizations also struggle with visibility. Traffic between web apps is typically encrypted with TLS 1.3, Diffie-Hellman, or some other similarly robust encryption. You need comprehensive visibility into every web app in your environment so you can make data-driven decisions about security controls and protect your web apps and data as efficiently and effectively as possible.

WLA is designed specifically to help organizations identify vulnerable blind spots while minimizing false positives, all without disrupting business. Alert Logic helps security teams uncover anomalous behavior and reconnaissance activities that elude traditional preventative security technologies such as web application firewalls (WAFs).

If you’d like to learn more about this and other exciting new capabilities, check out this blog post..

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