Who is OneNeck?

Recently ranked as one of the top 501 most elite managed service providers in the world by Channel Futures, OneNeck IT Solutions offers hybrid IT solutions including cloud and hosting solutions, managed services, enterprise application management, advanced IT services, hardware, and local connectivity via top-tier data centers across seven states throughout the US. OneNeck’s team of technology professionals manages secure, world-class, hybrid IT infrastructures and applications for a wide range of businesses with complex IT and security demands.

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What security challenges were they trying to solve?

As a hybrid IT managed services provider, OneNeck focuses on certain key technologies for customers – offering “deep dives” into the availability and performance of these systems on a 24/7 basis. While OneNeck services natively addressed some of the foundational security controls within their services, OneNeck wanted to expand the security controls they could cover for customers. Additionally, they understand that security touches virtually every aspect of their customers’ IT ecosystem and wanted to be able to offer a more holistic approach.

“Our customers are facing a growing number of security challenges daily.  We wanted to be able to provide an answer, but we knew point solutions were not enough. We chose Alert Logic as a partner because their platform is designed to meet the complex needs of hybrid IT systems, but more importantly, for the staff and skills they bring to the table. We saw that Alert Logic’s combination of technology and people would provide immediate and impactful results for our customers.”

Katie McCullough, CISO, OneNeck IT Solutions

“Alert Logic gives us the ability to go beyond the native security we provide as part of managed services.  By leveraging a solution like Alert Logic, our customers get the extra benefit of having security coverage and visibility into more of their environment – even beyond what OneNeck is managing.”

Katie McCullough, CISO, OneNeck IT Solutions

How are they using Alert Logic?

OneNeck utilizes the Alert Logic Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solution to up-level the security conversation with their customers and offers it as a recommended service – especially to customers with managed services.  With 24/7 monitoring, IDS, vulnerability assessment, the expertise of more than 200 security operations professionals, and remediation advice, Alert Logic MDR gives OneNeck visibility into critical events and changes within their customers’ hybrid IT environments. They are armed with the information they need to stay ahead of the bad guys, reduce threats, and to act if necessary.

What benefits has OneNeck realized?

OneNeck customers seek our help after a wide variety of security experiences, possibly after a vulnerability assessment, a pen test, or in the throes of an active attack – looking for answers. With Alert Logic MDR, OneNeck is able to provide a scalable and holistic solution to reduce risks 24/7.  With Alert Logic, OneNeck’s goal is not just to fix the problem, but to put measures in place that can continually identify potential problems before they have an effect.

Instead of having to make the investment internally, OneNeck uses their partnership with Alert Logic to round out their security services with Alert Logic’s industry-leading managed threat detection and response. And while security continues to grow in complexity, by partnering with Alert Logic for MDR services, OneNeck can provide scalable, cost-effective, and holistic security services to their customers concerns.

“Alert Logic has enabled us to bring additional value to our customers.  Our conversations about security with our customers now include 24/7 coverage for their whole environment.  We bring in our customers’ leadership teams and facilitate broader, consultative discussions about risk management and how with Alert Logic we can identify the risks and, most importantly, work with the customer to address the risk.  This is a big differentiator for OneNeck and a huge value to our customers.”

Katie McCullough, CISO, OneNeck

“The communication and collaboration that Alert Logic has with OneNeck is what stands out the most. Alert Logic listens to us. They are also incorporating much of our feedback into their platform and roadmap. Alert Logic does not just talk about partnership, they actually live and breathe partnership with us.”
Katie McCullough

CISO, OneNeck IT Solutions

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