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Alert Logic Teams with Amazon Web Services to Deliver Bring Your Own Language Capabilities to AWS Lambda

Additional Language Support Extends AWS Lambda to Erlang and Elixer Developers, Creating a Larger Community Footprint of AWS Lambda Users

Las Vegas, NV – November 29, 2018Alert Logic, the SIEMless Threat Management™ company, today announced it has teamed up with Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) to release support for two new native runtimes for AWS Lambda—Erlang and Elixer—adding Bring Your Own Language (BYOL) functions to AWS Lambda, allowing a larger pool of developers to leverage the platform. Developed by Alert Logic, this new support will allow Erlang and Elixer languages to run natively as AWS Lambda functions.

By using native AWS Lambda runtimes to build platform and products, Alert Logic can now migrate the entire workload of its customer log search service from physical data centers to 100 percent serverless architectures. As a result, Alert Logic customers are able to improve service performance and scalability while reducing the company’s operational costs.

“Many software developers use AWS Lambda to build and deliver innovative and useful applications, instead of worrying about backend provisioning or management,” said David Richardson, Vice President, AWS Serverless Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “With Alert Logic’s release of Elixir and Erlang runtimes for AWS Lambda, developers who code in these languages can start leveraging the benefits of serverless computing and innovative faster on their customer’s behalf.”

“The support of AWS Lambda native runtimes fits squarely into our strategic roadmap, as it will help Alert Logic migrate more workloads onto AWS Lambda in the future,” said Chris Noell, Senior Vice President of Engineering, Alert Logic. “Alert logic continually innovates to advance our offerings so that we can provide security and peace of mind for organizations across the breadth of technology environments, even as those environments evolve. As is the case with our support for Erlang and Elixer, we are excited when our innovations also contribute to the larger developer community.”

The Erlang native runtime support for AWS Lambda functions delivers integrated build and packaging support using rebar3, and the Elixer native runtime support provides integrated build and packaging support using mix These native runtimes for AWS Lambda functions will allow Erlang & Elixir developers at Alert Logic to deploy with AWS Lambda implementations as quickly and easily as other supported language runtimes, such as Node.js.

For additional details about this announcement, visit Alert Logic at AWS re:Invent 2018 in Las Vegas, NV on November 26-30 at Booth 1610.

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