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Darktrace Competitors: Alert Logic vs. Darktrace

Ironclad cybersecurity becomes even more imperative in the cloud, where dozens or hundreds of potentially unsecure devices may access your network. You need a smart, comprehensive security investment – one that evolves with the threat landscape.

Darktrace has earned a reputation for providing autonomous response to cyberattacks. Designed to augment your security teams, there are several good reasons to try their artificial intelligence solution; but at the same time, there are several problems likely to arise. For instance, the user experience can be opaque and overwhelming, straining your resources to understand what’s going on throughout your network traffic.

Let’s measure Darktrace against Alert Logic MDR,® which remains one of the most intelligent, low-stress security solutions you’ll find on the market.

Key Considerations Alert Logic Logo Darktrace Logo
24/7 security coverage
Advanced threat intelligence
Mature Managed Security Operations Center monitoring the service 24/7
Simplified, digestible reports
Pricing based on average monthly use
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Why Customers Choose…


Self-learning, autonomous A.I.

Darktrace prides itself on deep artificial intelligence, learning from every activity within your network. It does not require data to be cleaned, labeled, or centralized. You can trust Darktrace to cover your cloud network and assess any malicious cyber threats. What’s more, it improves over time, becoming more familiar with protocols, behavior, and access points. This enables it to act on your behalf when defined threats are rooted out.

Unique attack path models

Darktrace takes your whole business into account. Real-world data informs predictions of what the most likely threats are and where they’ll strike next. Collation continues for as long as you use the software. Steadily, it grades security gaps such as poor passwords, missing encryption keys, or unpatched domain control, leaping to action even faster for high priorities. These risks aren’t just calculated for likelihood, but impact too. However, there’s too much emphasis on reaction; initial compromises, like malware, are harder to detect.

Cross-network functionality

Darktrace works on any environment, including cloud, email, SaaS, endpoints, and industrial applications. You’ll never have to worry whether security and threat detection falls outside of the tools you rely on for business continuity. Darktrace emphasizes the “human dynamic” – in other words, patterns of common use relevant to what’s being accomplished. There’s no human intervention, but the A.I. offers acute visibility for the various ways in which your teams use and interact with tech stacks.

Seamless, guided onboarding

While educational resources for Darktrace are few and far between, its customer support for launch is exceptional. You’ll get a handle on viewing and responding to alerts across the network, while seeing the precise nature of any threat. Malicious websites, for instance, are flagged immediately whenever they’re hit. Darktrace specialists will make sure you recognize each type of alert before setting you off.  

Alert Logic

White-glove MDR service

Alert Logic is monitored and maintained by a team of highly experienced global security professionals who keep a close eye on your network traffic, 24/7. We see what’s flowing smoothly between devices, the various data that might be under threat, and how to deal with it. You are handed regular reports on Alert Logic activity, and we work closely with your security teams, integrating as far as you need us so that you can concentrate on your business.

Zero seat-based costs

Thanks to pricing based on what you need to remain secure – instead of how many seats are required – Alert Logic remains extremely affordable. MDR security scales with the demands of your business when they emerge. Starting at 25 nodes (i.e. a physical or virtual computing source) you can raise the level of protection at any time, updating your price plan. Installation changes are standardized too, while we calculate monthly averages, showing what you’re using and how beneficial it is.  

Optimization for cloud security

Alert Logic became one of AWS’ first partners, and that experience has strengthened every corner of our cloud protection. You’ll get advanced SOAR capabilities, gathering alerts from every integrated platform. This is especially important for public-facing cloud servers, where your data is processed together with many other organizations, and their breaches have the potential to cause serious problems for you as well.  

Community insights

Constant, human-led refinement around the globe means we are always testing ways to legitimize cybersecurity dangers. Darktrace, for example, can be overzealous, quarantining safe emails, or automatically breaking connection between devices. You can fix this, but you’ll have to raise a support ticket. Conversely, Alert Logic is managed by real people acting on automated alerts. We’re able to investigate a potential threat more critically before taking action and can predict the actions of potential hackers by thinking through vulnerabilities similarly to how they would. 

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What You Can Expect from Our MDR Solution:

  • A managed security solution that delivers the outcomes your organization demands
  • An award-winning platform, cutting-edge threat intelligence, and expert defenders all working together for you
  • 24/7 security operations and expert remediation advice
  • Flexible coverage tailored to your individual business needs
  • Simple pricing with a lower total cost than assembling and operating on your own

How To Weigh Your Cloud Security Options

The number of services and tools vying for your investment may make it hard to pin a decision down. Yet the longer you delay, the more you’re left open to serious cyber threats. Digital security is critical for succeeding today and in the many years ahead. You can have more confidence in your shortlist by answering these questions:

What can cybersecurity really do for my organization?

The advantages can’t be underestimated. First, you will guard any critical or proprietary information from attackers who want to use it against you – that goes for internal information, and the ever crucial third party data you may store and protect for clients and customers. Secondly, you can expect your business to run optimally, as an effective cybersecurity provider should diligently work to secure your systems and greatly reduce your chances of attack related downtime or data loss. 

These successes translate into a strong reputation for security. You build trust and avoid non-compliance fines. There’s simply too much at risk to take the chance of damaging your brand, your reputation, and your overall business, not to mention the upfront loss of revenue or assets due to malicious activity like the exfiltration of data or ransomware. A successful cyberattack can devastate your business in several ways, and with the growing complexity of cloud networks, the risk of losses incurred from a cyberthreat far outweigh the cost of putting proper security in place. Doing anything less equates to erasing how much you stand to gain from well-managed digital infrastructure.  

How do I know which security solution is right for my organization?

This depends on the weaknesses you may be dealing with and the grip you have on existing security compliance. Audits are incredibly helpful before you narrow down any candidates. From there, you can trace deficiencies to solid outcomes. However, it may also depend on the resources you have for in-house protection. MDR, for example, is fully managed by a remote team. SMEs or enterprise organizations that lack manpower and security talent are likely to reap huge rewards from MDR.  

What should I expect from top-tier threat intelligence?

Many solutions promise to stop existing cyber threats and save you from those unknown. Excellent security software does more than thread your data feeds to IPS, firewalls, and SIEMs. It uses A.I. algorithms to actively learn about your network, uncovering trends and vulnerabilities within your system.  

This means you’ll prioritize risks based on their source, importance, and likelihood. During your search, look for details on the attack surface – the extent of the access points that will be guarded against malicious agents. Learn about the solution’s tactics: anything from logging traffic and isolating domains to grouping assets by risk. Meanwhile, ask about ‘enrichment,’ the accumulation of data that powers machine learning. 

How important is scalability?

Extremely important. As your organization levels up in terms of size or digital synchronicity, you’ll face more outsider and insider threats. A worthwhile security provider has to be able to evolve with whatever’s ahead of you, while ensuring you only pay for what you use. That will balance the investment over time and allow you to stay flexible. You’ll perfect onboarding with new users, ring fence hundreds of devices, solve multi-layered access privileges, and keep fresh data safe during rapid expansion.  

“We would have needed multiple vendors on board to be able to do what we are doing with just Alert Logic. I would recommend Alert Logic, hands down.”

Lee Ramsey

Co-Founder of Pre-Fi

“Literally within 15 minutes, our Alert Logic SOC analyst called us to make us aware of some security threats and vulnerabilities that they detected right away.”

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