AWS Lambda is a serverless computing platform offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Not only does it eliminate the need to install and manage a host operating system, but it also cuts costs because customers are only billed when their code is running. Until now, the languages supported on AWS Lambda were Node.js, Python, Java, Go, .NET, and PowerShell. Alert Logic has launched support for two new native runtimes for AWS Lambda functions, Erlang and Elixir.

AWS Lambda

Organizations and developers have migrated quickly from virtual servers to cloud computing, to containers and microservices, and to the next logical step — serverless computing. Serverless computing eliminates the need to provision and manage servers or deal with the administrative overhead of the host operating system.

AWS Lambda offers a platform where developers can run code for various applications or backend services with zero administration; the code is uploaded, and the platform takes care of the rest. The platform automatically manages everything necessary to run and scale code and ensure high availability. Code can be designed to automatically trigger from events in other AWS services, or it can be called directly from a web or mobile application.

Because there is no server and nothing is running until or unless the code is triggered, there is no default ongoing cost. Customers only pay for the compute time they consume—and they only consume compute time when their code is running.

Erlang and Elixir Support Provided by Alert Logic

Different programming languages have their own unique pros and cons, and developers often specialize or have a specific language they prefer to work in. Erlang and Elixir are languages that are popular with many developers but were previously not supported within AWS Lambda. Alert Logic released support for AWS Lambda functions with an Erlang native runtime and integrated build and packaging support using Rebar3, and support for functions with an Elixir native runtime and integrated build and packaging support using Mix.

Alert Logic Embraces Serverless Computing

The release of these native runtimes will enable Erlang and Elixir developers to deploy implementations as quickly and easily as other supported language runtimes, like Node.js or Java.

By using native AWS Lambda runtimes to build platform and products, Alert Logic was able to migrate the entire workload of our log search service from physical datacenters to be 100 percent serverless using AWS Lambda. As a result, we are improving service performance and scalability, and reducing our operational costs. Alert Logic is able to support over 4,000 customers who are operating at huge volumes of event and log data, gaining a competitive advantage as a result.

The support of these additional native runtimes for AWS Lambda fits into the Alert Logic strategic roadmap. In addition, we are excited that our innovations are also contributing to the larger developer community. Explore Alert Logic’s capabilities with regards to security in AWS.

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