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Multi-cloud: Mitigating the complexities of AWS, Microsoft and GCP

Navigating the intricacies of public cloud services and leveraging these to implement a multi-cloud strategy can be complex, but proactive monitoring and management of these environments shouldn’t be. Through a mix of strategic and technical sessions, customer interviews and industry insider perspectives, this virtual summit will dive into the role of security in AWS, Microsoft and Google Cloud Platform environments.

The summit will cover:

  • Key market trends and best practices to implement when adopting a multi-cloud strategy
  • Security commonalities and differences in multi-cloud environments – how to maintain visibility, mitigate risks, and avoid costly mistakes
  • Implications of shared responsibility when you have workloads running in multiple environments
  • Establishing controls and guardrails to effectively secure containers, workloads and applications, including best practices and industry frameworks
  • Proactive detection and response to cyber threats across AWS, Microsoft and GCP environments

Presented by:

Bharath Vasudevan

Bharath Vasudevan

VP Product & Technical Marketing


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