Cybersecurity is a requirement of being in business today. Companies understand the value of effective cybersecurity and the importance of maintaining compliance with applicable regulations and industry frameworks. There is a large chasm, however, between recognizing the issue and being able to solve it. There are countless tools, platforms, products and services out there that promise to protect organizations from malware and cyberattacks, but it can be challenging to choose the right solutions.

Cybersecurity Solutions that Just Work

Most organizations don’t have massive teams of cybersecurity professionals. For that matter, many companies barely have an IT team, never mind cybersecurity professionals at all. That makes it difficult to compare and select effective cybersecurity solutions—and even more challenging to implement and manage those solutions.

Organizations need to be able to buy cybersecurity the way someone buys a refrigerator or a microwave. I’m confident that I could understand the inner workings of a refrigerator or microwave if I needed to, and I’m sure there are people who know more than others about these devices, but the beautiful thing is that you don’t need to know how a refrigerator or microwave work to buy or use one.

Nobody wants to research the individual parts that make up a refrigerator or try to become or hire their own in-house refrigerator expert. You don’t try to piecemeal your own custom microwave together by obtaining the parts individually and building it yourself.

When you walk into an appliance store, you can compare capacity, color, and features—like whether or not you can get ice from the refrigerator door, or whether or not the microwave has a turntable to rotate the food. You can compare different models against each other to find the one that best meets your needs within your budget, but one thing you can be relatively sure of is that the refrigerator will make things cold, and the microwave will make things hot. There is peace of mind that comes with using technology that just works.

Effective Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity should work the same way.

It can be daunting to make sense of all of the available options and technologies if you are not a cybersecurity expert. Researching firewalls, endpoint security, intrusion detection systems (IDS), log management systems, and other tools necessary for comprehensive cybersecurity can be overwhelming. Nobody wants to become or have to hire in-house cybersecurity experts to make sense of it all. Once you select and implement solutions, someone will need to monitor and manage it as well and maintain constant vigilance to hunt new threats.

A refrigerator makes things cold. A microwave makes things hot. Cybersecurity protects you from exploits and compromise. It should be that simple. That’s why Alert Logic provides customers with cybersecurity that just works.

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