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Cloud-Native Security Platform

Our Cloud-Native Platform Scales with Your Business

Our Platform

Unparalleled View of Attacker Behavior

Across Hundreds of Thousands
of Systems

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Alert Logic’s MDR Platform reveals an unparalleled view of attacker behavior across hundreds of thousands of systems. Threat researchers utilize this data, along with intelligence gathered from the security community, to identify emerging threats.

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Our security service and platform was first launched in 2002, some years before the advent of cloud computing. As cloud computing grew, our platform grew right with it. Today, our modern cloud technologies provide an unparalleled scalability and interoperability with cloud platforms, while equally equipping us to secure hosted and on-premises environments.

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Cloud powered MDR

Through cloud scalability, we are able to collect and analyze hundreds of billions of security events and log messages across hundreds of thousands of systems. Over 17 petabytes of searchable log data is available to our customers, which can be analyzed and reported on in real time. To put that in perspective, this quantity equates to 226 years of 1080P HD video.

Experience with cloud native security

Our Cloud Experience

Our own experience leveraging cloud technologies, from Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to serverless cloud computing, provides first-hand knowledge of the challenges our own customers face. We leverage the cloud to consolidate security information from across our entire customer base.

This data is utilized by our research experts and Security Operations Center for improvement of our own services, as well as to provide a community defense to customers of all sizes.

experience with cloud native security

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